Photo by Meredith Adelaide

Photo by Meredith Adelaide


I am drawn to quiet moments. I think it originated from attempts at self-preservation when I was living in neighborhoods that were...difficult. At the age of 7, I built a sanctuary in my room. In this small space, I placed a large red tent on my bed. The bed was surrounded by a moat of blankets and my stuffed animals were my guardians. My imagination soared as I created a beautiful, safe haven. The feeling of loneliness was replaced by the comfort of solitude. Here is where I found my quiet moments. To this day I still look for the glimpses of quiet when the world is turbulent. These images are a window into my world.    


This site is dedicated to my parents Geeta & Satish Patel. The most selfless people I've ever known.

My wife and boys, as they are my everything.

My entire family and dearest friends who have always stood by my side even in the most difficult of times.